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Safety & Health in the Stone Crushing Industry (first edition.)

Norbert Wagner, Mannarswami Nithiyananthan, Laura Farina (eds.)

Published by Ecohealth Program, International Development Research Centre, PO Box 8500, Ottawa, ON K1G 3H9, Canada

© Wagner Global Consultants, Inc. 2009

This safety manual specifically addresses situations and working conditions in developing countries and resource-poor settings. It aims at giving stone crushing unit owners, trade unions, NGO's and government agencies a guideline to improve working conditions and a standard against which stone crushing sites can be audited and evaluated.

It includes illustrations of safe practices and checklists for walk-throughs and benchmarking.
You can look into the manual! See the introduction and the table of contents.

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Note: If you are living in India or Asia, you can also order print copies from a branch of Development Alternatives at the following address:

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